Welcome to FreeRangeEggs.co.uk Welcome to FreeRangeEggs.co.uk the only site dedicated to Free Range Eggs in the UK! We hope you find our site interesting, and if you have any comments or suggestions please let us know. What are free range eggs? Hens that produces free range eggs must have had, during at least half... 

Happy Hens

Matt // Nov 11th, 2011
Free Range Eggs Probably, like everyone who visits this site, we like to think that the eggs that we eat have come from happy hens. It’s important to us the the hens laying the eggs have been fed well, allowed to roam and see the sky whenever they feel like looking up. The suppliers that we have listed here all... 
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Eggs on Toast

Matt // Nov 10th, 2011
Free Range Eggs Doesn’t your mouth just start watering when you think of eggs on toast, I think that the best way to eat eggs is poached on toast and it’s the benchmark that I use to test all breakfast restaurants. If they can do Poached Eggs on Toast well then they’ve got a customer for life in me. In... 
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Duck Eggs
Duck Eggs Duck eggs compared to hen eggs: They have a smooth shell that is stronger and less porous than hens egg shell. On average they tend to be larger, so the duck egg sizes are XL up to HUGE They tend to have a proportionately larger yolk. They contain less water, so the whites appear more gelatinous Duck eggs... 
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